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Have you got a question, have you lost something or would you like to leave a nice message? As long as it’s not about the recipe of our secret sauce, you can ask us anything. If it concerns a specific branch, please indicate this on the menu below.

Want to book? We don’t do bookings, but if you wait for a bit with a drink, you’ll always get a table soon.

It is once again possible to eat burgers at Mr Smakers'! But what is allowed and what is possible? Take a look at our measures below.

  • The government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) have drawn up rules that we apply at the location. When you enter the building you agree to abide by these rules. In addition, we ask you to leave your contact details. 
  • You can then walk in to order from us. If there is a spot available in our burgerbar, we will guide you to one of our tables.
  • We ask you to keep a distance of 1.5 metres to other guests and our staff, even if you are in the queue at the entrance. We have indicated markings for this purpose.
  • We apply maximum company hygiene. Our team is provided with hygienic aids (such as gloves and mouth caps). They wash their hands every 30 minutes and tables, chairs and menus are cleaned when a guest leaves.
  • We ask you to wash/ disinfect your hands at the entrance and during a visit to the toilet with the means provided for this purpose and to pay contact-free (debit card, credit card or mobile phone).
  • All toilets are open and cleaned more often.

Do you have a question after reading our measures? Then please contact us.

Our locations

  • Marnixlaan 118
  • Nobelstraat 143
  • Twijnstraat 62
  • Oudegracht 116

Will you be our new Grill Master, Topping Topper or Smiley?


We are regularly looking for new family members. Send us an email with CV and motivation letter ( and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



Meneer Smakers staat graag in de schijnwerpers. Vraag hier de persmap aan met foto's en achtergrondinfo.